2006 Aston Martin Vanquish S - £54,995

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Here we have a 2006 Aston Martin Vanquish S, LHD,  finished in Jet Black with a Red and Black Leather interior. The car has done a genuine 25,000 miles from new with a great history. She has been recently serviced and is ready for her next home! You may have noticed that this car is significantly cheaper than it should be in the current market, perhaps even by half, this is because the car had an accident in 2008, when it was 2 years in the USA and was subsequently repaired and sold as noted on the Carfax Report. The car is, however, perfect in every way today and you will not see a car in a better condition with a lower mileage!

The Aston Martin Vanquish first startled onlookers and made strong men weep in 2001. The V12 Vanquish S debuted at the 2004 Paris Motor Show, just one year after the DB9 had first announced itself to the world. The Vanquish was a thoroughly modern, high-tech car when new, but also the last of the truly hand-built cars to emerge from Newport Pagnell. It combined space-age bonded aluminium construction and lashings of carbon-fibre with the traditional bespoke skills of chaps in tweed sports jackets. The sort of chaps who smoked a briar pipe and had pens and micrometers sticking out of their top pockets. The V12 Vanquish S looks like it belongs in a boxing gym in the Bronx. It should have a towel round its neck and be punching sides of beef in a cold store. The muscular haunches and squat stance tell you to expect something a bit brutal, a bit uncompromising, a bit untamed. The V12 5. 9 litre engine producing 520bhp tells you that your expectations are spot on.

Only 1086 examples of the Vanquish S were ever made. This is a 200mph+ car that would have cost the best part of £200,000 in 2006. It is in very good condition all round - even for its low mileage, let alone its age. This may well reflect the fact that for most of its life it’s been in the expert ownership of an Aston Martin specialist. This car is currently UK registered with all taxes paid. As befits a car of this class and breeding, it’s been seen in all the best places – Florida, Cap d’Antibes, Stockholm. It’s been back in the land of its birth for a couple of years now, and has once again had the good fortune to pass into the ownership of someone who knows what they’re doing – a classic car collector, dealer and specialist with plenty of Vanquish S experience and who knows a good ‘un when he sees one.

This is an authentic, well looked-after vehicle that appears to have all the right money spent on it, in the right amounts, as and when needed. It starts, goes, handles and stops exactly as it should. The original Jet Black paintwork is shiny and has an impressive depth of lustre to it. There is no rust visible on the exterior bodywork. Which is not altogether surprising when you consider that this car’s construction is largely aluminium and carbon-fibre. The panels are smooth and the shut lines are crisp and even in that uniquely ‘hand-built’ way. The wheels are untroubled by anything other than the most minor of nicks or scratches, and the matching Michelin Pilot Sport tyres have plenty of life left in them. The chrome work is all good, too. Particularly the splendid petrol cap cover – which is the size of a dinner plate and looks like you’d need both hands to unscrew it. The lights and lenses are clear. There any no dinks, scuffs, creases, ripples, bumps, lumps, cracks, holes, folds, indentations or other unsightly blemishes of note. There are a few tiny stone chips to the valances and below the sills, but it doesn’t amount to more than the lowest level of road rash. There is some light scratching to, and just in front of, the o/ s wing mirror.

Acres of black and red hide, black carpet and brushed aluminium. All beautifully crafted. All in fine condition. All conspiring to create an unrivalled sense of occasion each and every time you get inside. And all very macho. The upholstery is in fine fettle, as are the carpets, mats, door cards and headlining. The front seats are supportive and comfortable and look underused for their age. Unsurprisingly, the rear seats look as if they’ve never been used. It's also worth mentioning that this model comes with the more desirable larger screen Sat Nav which also featured in the Vanquish S Ultimate. The surprisinglyuseful boot, with its delightful ‘Aston Martin’ embroidered carpet, is in good condition.

This car was bought new in 2006 and delivered to its first owner in Atlanta, Georgia. A year or so later, it moved to Florida for a while. There is a chronological record of the services carried out on the car during its time in the USA. Next, in 2009, it swapped sunshine and surf for Stockholm and Sweden. Aside from one particularly glamorous sounding trip to Cap d’Antibes in 2014, it stayed in Sweden until 2018. Its Swedish owner was (and is) a well-known and highly respected Aston Martin specialist. The vast majority of the work and maintenance carried out on this car was done during his tenure and under his watchful eye. The paperwork is in the documents section.

The car’s MoT certificate is valid until December 2023 and she comes with various bills, receipts and invoices. It also comes with a certificate of authenticity from Aston Martin. This super-rare car is an ideal car for European cruising; she's low mileage, freshly serviced and ready to go!