2000 Ferrari 456M GTA - £42,995

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This is a 2000 Ferrari 456M GTA RHD finished in Grigio Titanio over a Burgundy leather interior. This lovely example has covered a mere 28,000 from new, has been cherished by its 3 previous owners and comes with an exceptional history.

Not since the 412's demise in 1989 had Ferrari offered a '2+2', and when the 456 GT debuted at the Paris Salon in October 1992 it was obvious that the long awaited newcomer eclipsed all Maranello's previous four-seat Grand Tourers. Although new from stem to stern, the 456 GT incorporated elements familiar to generations of Ferrari cognoscenti - front-mounted four-cam V12, rear transaxle, tubular steel spaceframe chassis and all-independent suspension - while making an appearance for the first time were electronically-controlled adaptive suspension and a six-speed gearbox. Essentially a de-tuned version of that powering the 550 and 575, the new 5.5-litre V12 unleashed no less than 442bhp at a lowly 6,250rpm yet remained smooth and tractable from idling speed to red-line thanks to its state-of-the-art engine management system. F40 excepted, the 456 was the most powerful road car developed by Ferrari up to that time, yet despite delivering supercar performance this relatively unstressed engine has proven to be very reliable.

As denoted by the ‘M’ model-name suffix, this is a ‘Modificata’ facelifted 456, which features fog lights in the front grille as well as a carbon-fibre bonnet, which was the first commercial automotive application of carbon-fibre. It also features the reprofiled dashboard with circular vents, redesigned seats, and a new stereo.

This particular car is a very low-mileage example of Ferrari’s stylish modern classic grand tourer. The cars first owner was the famous businessman and conservationist Damien Aspinall. Under the engine lid is a 5.5-litre naturally aspirated V12, delivering 436bhp to the rear wheels through a four-speed automatic transmission.  An original UK-market car; it has just three registered keepers from new.

The car is finished in Grigio Titanio over a Burgundy leather interior, and rides on its original 17-inch five-spoke alloy wheels with Ferrari centre caps. Its specification includes fully electric seats, switchable sport mode, climate control, and a Becker stereo.  Included in the sale is the owner’s book pack, stamped service book, leather-bound toolkit, and two keys.

The car has no known bodywork damage and the paintwork is in wonderful condition aside from some bubbling along the roof line at the top of the windscreen, which could be rectified in due course. Inside, the cabin is in great order. There are no known electrical or mechanical faults. The car’s last MOT test was conducted on  13th October 2022.

This lovely example has an exceptional history file, including all the orginal book packs, service book and original leather casing. The car is also accompanied by the leather bound tool kits found in the boot.  The extensive service history is outlined below:

Dates and mileage:

Mar 2022 - 27,411 miles - Dct Scuderia

Sep 2021 – 27,203 miles – Autofficina (cam belts)

Nov 2014 – 26,762 miles – Autofficina

Jan 2013 – 26,213 miles – AM Performance Cars

Jun 2010 – 23,381 miles – Lancaster

Jun 2009 – 22,233 miles – Lancaster (cam belts)

Nov 2007 – 19,858 miles – Lancaster

May 2006 – 15,649 miles – Lancaster (cam belts)

Feb 2005 – 11,907 miles – Maranello Sales

Jan 2004 – 7,751 miles – Maranello Sales

Jul 2003 – 7,384 miles – Maranello Sales (cam belts)

Oct 2002 – 6,834 miles – H.R. Owen

Sep 2001 – 5,392 miles – H.R. Owen

In the last year or so, the car has had over £13,000 spent on improvements as demonstrated by invoices on file. Recent works by Autofficina in 2021 costing £7,500 included a major service, cam belts, new dampers, fuel pump, brake discs and a full paint improvement overhaul. The most recent invoice from Dct Scuderia in March of 2022 totals £5,613 and incudes a vast number of new parts and corrections needed after a full health check. The car is in wonderful condition.

This is a handsomely finished example of Ferrari’s elegant grand tourer, boasting an extensive specification and powered by a sonorous V12 engine. With only 139 right-hand drive examples built, the 456M GTA is a very rare model. Fresh from a major service, this example provides a surprisingly attainable entry point into Ferrari ownership, and is ready to be put into use as a comfortable road trip companion or weekend cruiser.