1973 Volvo 1800ES - £24,995

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Here we have a beautiful and practical Classic Car, ready for daily use! This is a 1973 Volvo 1800ES, Sports Estate, Manual, Left Hand Drive, Finished in Metallic Light Blue with Light Blue Leather. Our car has been restored in recent years, presents and drives perfectly, has had over £20k spent on her including a fresh £2k Service last month! She is UK Registered and ready for the summer!

The Volvo P 1800 is undoubtedly the most elegantly, and dynamically-designed Volvo of the twentieth century. The Volvo P1800 engineering was project-managed by Helmer Petterson, and his son Pelle who penned the design in 1957 whilst he was employed at 'Carrozzeria Frua', a subsidiary of Ghia. Volvo introduced its final P1800 variant, the stylish 1800ES, in 1972 as a two-door station wagon with a frameless, all-glass tailgate. Delivering a vehicle that was sporting, but without compromising their standards, Volvo brought to market a vehicle that is still special today. Introduced for the final two years of P1800 production the ES variant brought a striking shooting brake body to the sports tourer. The changes went further than a redesign of the body. The ES engine was changed to to 125bhp by reducing the compression ratio and using a larger head gasket.  Although maximum power was very slightly down, the engine was less "peaky" and the car's on-the-road performance was much improved.

During the two years of production only 8,000 ES models were built, making this a true collector’s car. The P1800 became the long-distance cruiser of choice for those wanting to cross a continent in style and comfort. None have such notoriety as a P1800 that holds the highest mileage ever certified in non-commercial use in the Guinness Book of records, recorded at the time at 1.7 million miles. That same vehicle would go on to be used by its owner until he passed in 2018, with an odometer reading of 3.2 million miles.

Originally supplied new by Eastown Chevrolet Oldsmobile Ltd. in Ontario, Canada on 2nd May 1973, the Volvo 1800ES was ordered by a Mr. William Kraft of Strathroy, Ontario and he loved the car so much he owned it until it came to the UK in 2019! In December 2019 the car was imported into the UK and the car was registered and restored then Hexagon Classics, (which cost in excess of £20,000). The car is in an amazing condition still showing 51k Miles from new and we have jsut had the car looked at and commissioned a specialist service last month costing £2k, ensuring that this vehicle is ready to be driven and enjoyed today. She has a fresh MOT, is showing only one owner in Canada and only one in the UK. Probably one of the best and certainly the nicest driving 1800ES out there! LHD is perfect for European cruising this summer!