1962 Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb Coupe - £52,995

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Here we have one of our favourite models, a 1962 Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb Coupe, UK Supplied, Right Hand Drive, Automatic, finished in Mid Metallic Blue with Cream Leather Interior piped in Blue, the car is beautifully restored to the highest level, owing the previous owner about £80k. Even a cursory look at the car will justify that expense, but there are many photos and all invoices of the work on file. The car also comes with its original, valuable and transferable number plate, 7499 MD.

'In the design of the 220SE coupé, practical considerations have sometimes been given up for better looks, but the car gives passengers as well as the driver a fine feeling of safety, based in fact on first-class road-holding, excellent brakes and precise steering, not to mention the extreme comfort of the wide, well-upholstered individual front seats.' – Car & Driver.

Mercedes-Benz debuted four new models at the Frankfurt Show in 1959 - the 220 SEb among them - all of which shared the same basic unitary-construction bodyshell and all-round independent suspension. Longer than their predecessors, these elegant newcomers featured a wider radiator shell, wrap-around windscreen, wider rear window and vertically positioned twin headlamps. The new 220 SEb retained the fuel-injected, single-overhead-camshaft engine of the previous 220 SE, though maximum power of the 2,195cc six was increased by five horsepower to 120bhp. Top speed was now 107mph with 60mph attainable in under 14 seconds.

Coupé and Cabriolet models appeared in 1960 and 1961 respectively, minus the already dated-looking tail fins of the saloon. More modern in style, the luxurious 220 SEb Coupé and Cabriolet were better appointed too, being equipped as standard with a rev counter, leather upholstery, and four-speed automatic transmission with Column Change. Front disc brakes were fitted from the start of production, a benefit not enjoyed by the saloon until 1962. By the time production ceased in October 1965, fewer than 17,000 220 SEb Coupé and Cabriolet models had been manufactured, and today these stylish and luxuriously equipped Grand Tourers are highly prized.

Originally registered on 3rd September 1962, this stunning example presents extremely well in metallic light blue coachwork with a contrasting cream leather interior piped in blue which is complemented by blue carpets. Over £40,000 was spent restoring the car which is evident when viewing this fabulous example, this is in addition to the purchase price from Chelsea Cars for an already good example. This superb example of this iconic classic from the German manufacturer, really is in exemplary condition. Its ivory coloured steering wheel and gear knob add to the nostalgic feel, particularly complemented by its fabulous interior, which is extremely comfortable as with all Mercedes-Benz of this era. Powered by its smooth six-cylinder engine mated to an automatic gearbox, this elegant classic will turn heads everywhere.

There are many photos of the restoration and a huge amount of invoices from Steve Redfearn Mercedes and other Marque leaders. All the restoration work has been carried out in the last five years and we can confidently say we have not seen a better example ever. The perfect spec, the perfect colours and at an attractive price, she is ready for the summer!