1952 Jaguar XK120 FHC - £49,995

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We love XK's here and here is another little jewel, it is a 1952 Jaguar XK120 Fixed Head Coupe, Finished in British Racing Green with Black Leather interior. She is a US Supplied Left hand Drive car and is a former concours winner, albeit 30 years ago! The car has a wonderful patina and older restoration feel. She drives well, has a large history and is ready for its next owner!

Conceived and constructed in but a few months, the XK120 debuted at the 1948 Earls Court Motor Show where the stunning-looking roadster caused a sensation, the resulting demand for what was then the world's fastest production car taking Jaguar by surprise. It was immediately obvious that the slow-to-produce alloy bodywork would have to go, and the car was swiftly re-engineered in steel. The work of Jaguar boss William Lyons himself and one of the most beautiful shapes ever to grace an automobile, the body was conceived as a coachbuilt aluminium structure for the simple reason that Jaguar expected to sell no more than 200 XK120s in the first year!

The car's heart was, of course, the fabulous XK engine, a 3.4-litre 'six' embodying the best of modern design, boasting twin overhead camshafts running in an aluminium-alloy cylinder head, seven main bearings and a maximum output of 160bhp. The XK120 set new standards of comfort, roadholding and performance for British sports cars and, in keeping with the Jaguar tradition, there was nothing to touch it at the price.

Our car was built on the 24th September 1952 and supplied new to a Mr. Charles G. Himan through the Famous Hoffman Motor Car Company of New York. Mr Himan ordered the car in Silver with Red Leather interior, a particularly fetching combination! The car found its way to California and was bought in 1978 by William Lee Fowler of Villa Park, California, who 5 years later, consigned the car to the famous Barrett Jackson Auction. A Mr. William Houston bought the car from Barrett Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1983 and kept hold of the car for 30 years, until she came to the UK via Specialist Mercedes Dealers, Silver Arrows in Putney in November 2013. The car has had only 2 owners in the UK since then.

The car has been well looked after in the UK and still presents very well after 30 years of restoration. There i9s a faily large service history with the car containing 100's of invoices from the US and also more recently in the UK. The car has a correct but non-original XK120 engine fitted, rebuilt in 1998, and was colour changed during the restoration 30 years ago, but is still in a great condition and ready to go! We have priced her to sell quickly and dont expect her to hang around long!