1952 Bentley Mk.VI DHC by Park Ward - £74,995

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This is a 1952 Bentley Mk. VI DHC by Park Ward, finished in red and cream with a cream leather interior and 43,000 miles on the clock. She is an example of the long wing type, Design No. 99, that replaced the earlier Design No. 100 (yes I know!) utilising Full-Flow wings ending in front of the rear wheels, a more flamboyant style than the earlier short wing designs. Park Ward made 57 of this design, making the most popular Design on the Mk.VI chassis.

In 1946 Bentley Motors Ltd made a complete departure from their former production policy when they announced the introduction of an entirely new Bentley that was factory built throughout. The new car was fitted with a standard all steel bodywork design, finished and furnished at Crewe where Bentley production still continues to this day. The tried and tested 4,257cc six-cylinder engine was retained, fitted with a detachable aluminum alloy cylinder head with inserted valve seats. The engine was fitted to a frame chassis, which was riveted with cruciform center bracing and a box section pan to support the front suspension components. Lubrication was by way of a Bijur centralized system, operated by a foot pump situated just to the left of the steering column on right hand drive cars. It was advised that this pedal should be depressed once every hundred miles.

The manual gearbox had four forward gears with synchromesh on second, third and fourth gear. Despite the relatively high price tag when compared to other luxury cars available immediately after the war, the demand for this motorcar was substantial. The demand for the new car was so high that customers had to be put on waiting lists, which at times stretched to over three years.

Production lasted until 1952 with more than 5,000 chassis finding their way to lucky new owners, making it one of Bentley's most successful models ever. The vast majority of Bentley Mk VIs produced were fitted with the new standard steel coachwork from the factory, however keeping with tradition, special coach built bodies, such as this one, were also available upon request.

Accompanying copies of its chassis cards reveal that 'B455NY' was bodied by Park Ward Ltd as a drophead coupé and retailed by Bennetts (Nottingham) Ltd. The original colour scheme was Tudor grey with maroon interior trim, while a power-operated hood was specified together with an extension speaker for the radio. The car's first owner was Berrey & Underwood Ltd of Nottingham and the chassis card lists four further owners, the last of whom acquired the Bentley in 1965. The car's subsequent history is not known, although a photograph dating from the early 1980s shows that it was very solid, complete and original at that time.

In 1985, a previous owner commenced the car's restoration, which took two years to complete; he kept the car until 2016 when it was acquired by its last owner. Recent works have included overhauling the brakes. This most handsome Bentley MkVI drophead comes with its original user manual, the one supplied with the car! a French Carte Grise, a UK V5 registration document and the aforementioned copy chassis cards. She drives well but would benefit from a thorough service due to a period in storage. We have priced her well for a quick sale in time for summer!

This is a truly handsome car, beautiful in every proportion. She presents well, both inside and out, and is ready to go to a new home!