1982 Fiat 126 Personal 4 - ¬£4,995

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This is a 1982 Fiat Personal 4 finished in red with black interior and only 39,000 miles on the clock.

Introduced at the 1972 Turin Motor Show, the FIAT 126 superseded the immensely successful Nuova 500 that had been the Italian manufacturer's smallest model since its introduction in 1957. The 126 kept to the 500's basic formula: two-box body with rear-mounted rear-drive engine and independent suspension all round, while bringing the styling bang up to date. Designed by FIAT Centro Stile's director Sergio Sartorelli, the new body was slightly larger and offered improved safety and greater interior space. The twin-cylinder air-cooled engine was increased in capacity from 499cc to 594cc and produced 23bhp (up from the 500's 18 horsepower) which improved the car's all round performance and raised its top speed to over 105km/h. For most purchasers, though, economy was more of a concern and the FIAT 126 did not disappoint, averaging 5.2 litres per 100 kilometres (54 miles per gallon). The engine was further enlarged (to 652cc) at the end of 1977 and again (to 704 cc) in the extensively revised FIAT 126 Bis hatchback in 1987. 

Production of the FIAT 126 was undertaken in several other countries, including Austria, Yugoslavia and Poland, where production of the Polski FIAT 126p continued until 2000. Indeed, of the 4,673,655 FIAT 126s sold, 3,318,674 were manufactured in Poland.

The car has a functioning sunroof and under the fluffy seat covers the original seats are in good condition befitting the mileage. Both the interior and the paintwork present well on this charming little car. She starts first time, drives nicely and sailed through her 2019 MoT without any advisories.