1973 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV - £32,995

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This is a 1973 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV RHD finished in red with a black cloth interior. The clock shows 66,000 miles.

There can be few classic cars more agile on the road than an Alfa Giulia Sprint GT. From their debut in 1963 the combination of distinctive, modern bodywork penned by a young Giugiaro at Bertone, matched with peppy dual overhead cam four cylinder motor and five speed transmission, made them an instant classic. It is no surprise that they have provided entry level sports GTs for many collector car enthusiasts, their manageable proportions and infinitely tunable engines making for a rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable mount on the road or track. The competitive applications in period saw notable developments over the course of the 105 series' life, enlarged engines brought a revival of the Alfa's 1750 tag and in 1971 this grew to 2 litres. Stylistically, the most significant change was a revision from the stepped hood front of the early cars in 1969, at which point the cars gained the designation of GTV.

Offered here is the GTV in its definitive form, a 2 litre fuel injected version, better still it is an exceptional example of its breed. This car was previously owned by Chris Sweetapple, the Secretary of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club 105 Register and a member of the club management committee. He said it was one of the soundest 105 coupes which he had come across. Between September 1989 and April 1991, the car underwent a full 'white metal' body restoration with high-quality rust proofing and re-finishing. Substantial mechanical work has been carried out on the car, most notably by Dave Griffiths Performance Cars, Shrewsbury in August 1989.

The history file contains the original owners handbook, Motor Books 105 workshop manual,  a thick wedge of invoices and receipts for work carried out over the years as well as historical images of the car and photographs of the 'white metal' restoration completed at the end of the 1980s. The car was MoT'd annually between 1989 and 2017 and starts and drives really well. She currently rides on GTA-style alloy wheels but the car is supplied with the original steel wheels.

This is a UK supplied RHD example in wonderful condition, the paint and interior both present beautifully. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a highly desirable car at this price level.