1954 MG TF 1250 Roadster - £17,995

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This is a lovely and attractive entry level TF, a Left Hand Drive car finished in Silver with Red Interior. It drives well and is ready for use this summer.

Last of the MG T-Series line and arguably the best, the TF was introduced in October 1953. Although mechanically very similar to its TD predecessor, the provision of a shorter radiator, revised wing line and faired-in headlamps lent it an altogether sportier air.

Equipped with rack-and-pinion-steering, independent coil-and-wishbone front suspension and four-wheel drum brakes, the new model helped maintain the marque's 'Safety Fast' reputation. Initially powered by a twin-carburettor 57bhp 1,250cc XPAG four-cylinder engine, the TF was offered with a 63bhp 1,466cc XPEG motor from November 1954 onwards. Production ended early in April 1955 after 9,600 TFs had been manufactured, the vast majority of them being sold into the American market.

Dating from January 1954, this TF is one of those USA-supplied cars, returning to these shores in May 2015 and remaining in its original left-hand drive. Our car has clearly been restored at some point in the not-too-distant past with a nicely trimmed red leather interior and some sparkling chrome wire wheels. The car does not come with much history but is UK Registered with all Taxes paid.

Starting promptly and running well it is excellent value at the asking price and could easily be converted to RHD if desired using a kit of parts from the many specialists that serve this model.

We couldn’t find a cheaper example in the same condition out in the market so a great entry to TF Ownership.